Jason Stewart

Quarterback Cut After Celebrating Touchdown by Smoking Joint on Field

Quarterback Jason Stewart pulled a joint from his uniform pants and lit it during a game in Fan Controlled Football

A quarterback took touchdown celebrations to a new high.

Jason Stewart, QB for the Zappers in Fan Controlled Football, celebrated his touchdown pass by lighting a joint and smoking it on the field.

He went on to throw three more touchdowns in the game but quickly came down from his high. Stewart was cut with one game remaining in the regular season for breaking an FCF rule stating marijuana is not permitted at the game site or nearby league hotel in Atlanta, where recreational use remains illegal.

“Jason Stewart was cut from the Zappers for violating league policy," Fan Controlled Football said in a statement. "While the FCF fully supports player’s responsible use of cannabis, unfortunately it is still illegal in the state of Georgia and is banned by our venue and hotel property partners - so our policy of not allowing smoking at these sites is well known by all of our players.”

Usually there is a defense involved when a quarterback takes hits on the field. Not for Stewart, who got blitzed in a very different way.

After he connected with James Harden (not that James Harden) for a 21-yard touchdown to open the scoring in the Zappers' 44-14 win over the Glacier Boyz on Saturday, Stewart walked towards the sideline, pulled a joint from his uniform pants and lit it.

"Smoking that Glacier pack," Stewart said. "Stay zapped, my friend. Stay zapped."

The video was picked up by various Twitter accounts and retweeted thousands of times as Stewart put the high in highlight. Some called it the greatest touchdown celebration of all time.

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"First QB to ever smoke TREE after a TD in a pro game," Stewart wrote in an Instagram post for his 110,000 followers. 

"History made!" he wrote in a separate post. "At some point we have to have the conversation about marijuana. It's ok for athletes to chug a beer at a sporting event, but they get kicked out of league for smoking a plant. I'm ok with being the sacrifice to raise awareness! When I played at Memphis they had me on hydrocodone for a lot of my injuries. I couldn’t function or play, then I tapped into KUSH! I felt better, slept better, ate better, had different creativity..I'm not saying marijuana is right for everyone. But [there] are people in this world that use it as a medicine. Do some research on why it was even outlawed in the first place! All glory 2 God! I smoke Kush and LOVE GOD! Hate me or love me! I'm 1 of 1!"

Fan Controlled Football, a 7-on-7 indoor league where fans call their team's offensive plays, tweeted earlier in the season that the league does not test players for marijuana.

Even in a league that encourages exuberant and excessive touchdown celebrations, smoking weed on premise was against policy, leading to Stewart's release.

The 29-year-old Stewart, former quarterback for the University of Memphis, was acquired by the Zappers in a trade that sent Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens to the Knights of Degen earlier this month.

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Stewart had been starting in place of Zappers quarterback and former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, who many on social media mistook for Stewart in the video of the touchdown celebration. Manziel, whose NFL career was derailed in part by alcohol abuse, famously said after his FCF debut last season, "Win or lose, we booze."

Manziel has played in two of six games this season. It remains to be seen if he'll take the field Saturday in the regular-season finale with the Zappers now in need of a starting quarterback.

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