Frequently Asked Questions

What is LX News?

LX News is engaging audiences with an innovative storytelling approach to news that is personal, inspiring, and empowers YOU the viewer to take part in the conversation.

Our thought-provoking content highlights stories about tech, the environment, politics, community, social issues, and current events. Every LX News story is local – connecting people to communities and to each other.

Where can I find the LX News network?

Where can I find LX News content on social media?

I have a TV antenna, but I’m not finding LX News?

  • Please check to be sure LX News is available in your area. If your market is listed, please rescan your TV’s tuner to receive LX News and all your local over-the-air stations.

How do I contact LX News?

  • Email us at or reach out through our social media channels (see above)