Tyreek Hill's Pick-Six and the Must-See Moments From Fan Controlled Football

Tyreek Hill and Terrell Owens both reached the end zone in Week 3 of Fan Controlled Football

A star NFL receiver playing in Fan Controlled Football on Saturday reached the end zone and broke out his trademark touchdown celebration.

Assume it was Terrell Owens? Well, he did score also, grabbing his second touchdown of the season. But this is actually about Tyreek Hill.

The Miami Dolphins wide receiver played in a two-hand touch celebrity game during Week 3 of Fan Controlled Football. He scored a touchdown, though not in the way one might have expected, and flashed his trademark peace sign as he crossed the goal line.

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Here is that touchdown, as well as T.O.'s, and the other must-see moments from Week 3 in Fan Controlled Football.

1. Tyreek Hill's Pick-Six

Tyreek Hill initially didn't realize that fans call the plays in Fan Controlled Football

"They call the plays?" Hill asked FCF's Liv Moods prior to playing in Quavo's charity football game on Saturday. "Well, as long as they like let me go deep and do my thing, then I'm good."

The Super Bowl champion and six-time Pro Bowler ultimately went deep and did his thing, but it didn't come on the traditional touchdown catch he is best known for. It was on a pick-six.

Playing in the secondary, Hill intercepted New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston at the goal line, took off at full speed, avoided random spectators who had been standing behind the line of scrimmage and returned it the length of the field (50 yards) for a touchdown.

Then came Hill's peace sign:

2. Touchdown for T.O.

Terrell Owens dropped his first "Get your popcorn ready" of the season ... and shared some interesting pregame advice from his fellow former NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.

The 48-year-old Hall of Famer then caught his second touchdown of the season for the Zappers, this one on a three-yard pass at the end of the first half. 

Owens made the catch over Knights of Degen cornerback James Knox and celebrated with a "too small" taunt.  

3. Kelly Bryant's Debut

Throwing that pass to T.O. was Kelly Bryant, a former quarterback at Clemson and Missouri who was making his FCF debut.

Filling in for Johnny Manziel, and working with a pair of former Dallas Cowboys wideouts in Owens and Terrance Williams, Bryant threw for two touchdowns and ran for two more.

He connected with Williams for a touchdown with 21 seconds left to pull the Zappers within two. Owens was unable to make the catch on the ensuing two-point conversion as the Zappers lost to the Knights of Degen, 36-34.

But Bryant's most impressive touchdown of the night wasn't the one he threw to either former NFL wideout, it came on the ground during a Cam-Newton-like stiff arm and run to help tie the score with 2:35 remaining:

4. Coach Cam

Speaking of Cam Newton ...

The former Carolina Panthers quarterback was in the building on Saturday as part of Quavo's "Huncho Day" fundraiser, serving as head coach during a youth football game.

5. Knights in Shining Armor

The Knights of Degen managed to hold on for the win against T.O. and the Zappers thanks to a nearly flawless performance by Ed Crouch, last season's MVP of The People's Championship.

Crouch completed 10 of 11 passes for 162 yards and five touchdowns, including a four-yard strike to Tommy Auger with 50 seconds left to help give the Knights a 36-28 lead. Defensive lineman Jordan Harold then sealed the victory by sacking Kelly Bryant as time expired.

6. The Comeback Kidd

Cam Newton is known for his fashionable gameday outfits. Mitch Kidd took that to the next level.

In a league where fans vote on the league rules and offensive plays, the quarterback for 8oki allowed fans to decide part of his gameday attire by voting on the accessories he wore on the field.

Fans voted for his shoes, towel, lime green mouthpiece and a headband with rubber ducks on it. He wore all of it while orchestrating FCF's best comeback of the season.

With 8oki trailing 32-16 to the Beasts with under one minute remaining, Kidd found Patrick Smith for a touchdown and connected with Malcolm Ballard for the two-point conversion to pull within 32-24 with 19 seconds remaining. Using the "Comeback Rule," the FCF's version of an onside kick that allows teams to attempt a 4th-and-10 from their own 10-yard line to retain possession, Kidd threw down field to Joseph Boykin, who tip-toed into the end zone for a 40-yard touchdown that pulled 8oki within two.

Kidd then found Smith again for a two-point conversion to tie the score at 32. 

In the third round of overtime, where teams each receive four downs to try to score and match their opponent, Ballard scored on a sweep that helped give 8oki a 44-38 win (more on his celebration later).

 7. Quavo Throwing Dimes

Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist Quavo not only hosted the event and raised money for charity; he also played quarterback.

Quavo, the owner of FCF's Glacier Boyz, later stepped to midfield to face Druski, a comedian who owns the Shoulda Been Stars, for a round of rock, paper, scissors to see which team would get possession first.

8. Slade the Blade

There are plenty of gameday prop in FCF, including the Bored Ape Football Club's turnover chain, the Kingpins' crown and the Knights of Degen's shield.

And now there is Slade "The Blade" Jarman's sword.

Jarman had his entrance onto the field holding a Katana and then broke it out again after he scrambled and dove into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown with four seconds left, giving the Shoulda Been Stars a 28-26 win over the Glacier Boyz.

9. Best Touchdown Celebration?

It's a league built on fan voting. It's also a league that encourages boisterous touchdown celebrations. Here are a few options for fans to pick from Week 3:

The Elbow Drop by Terrance Williams of the Zappers:

The Airplane by Mitch Kidd and the O-line (go to the 2:00 mark here).

The Thriller Dance by ShunCee Thomas of the Zappers:

 10. Best Backflip?

The field also became something of a gymnastics mat on Saturday, with football players showing off their backflips.

Tyreek Hill:

Drake Wells of the Knights of Degen:

Malcolm Ballard of 8oki:

And the most impressive backflip of all was by wrestler Zion Clark, who was born without legs and played in Saturday's celebrity football game.

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