Jamal Anderson Teases Return and Other Must-See Moments From Week 2 of Fan Controlled Football

Might the former Atlanta Falcons running back join Terrell Owens and Johnny Manziel as the next NFL star to play in FCF?

Terrell Owens, at 48 years old, might not be the oldest player in Fan Controlled Football for much longer.

While T.O. teamed up with Johnny Manziel during Week 2 of Fan Controlled Football, another former NFL star teased a possible return to the game.  

Former Atlanta Falcons running back Jamal Anderson, co-owner of the FCF’s Kingpins, was in attendance at Pullman Yards and hinted in an interview – and through some tweets – that he could be back in uniform and on the field. What capacity might that be for the 49-year-old former All-Pro running back? We’ll find out in the week ahead.

Here’s a look at Anderson’s comments, T.O. and Johnny Football building chemistry and other must-see moments from Week 2 in Fan Controlled Football.

1. Return of the “Dirty Bird”?

Jamal Anderson, known for his “Dirty Bird” touchdown celebrations while playing for the Atlanta Falcons from 1994 to 2001, might want more than a bird’s eye view of the field. The owner of the Kingpins was in attendance as his team fell to 0-2 after a 28-8 loss in Week 2, during which he tweeted that he was looking for his uniform. After the game, he tweeted “I’ve pulled out my pads. Can’t let T.O. have all the fun.”

During a postgame interview with fuboSports, Anderson was asked if he was confirming that he will be playing next week.

“I’m telling you right know, this is what for sure I will confirm to you,” Anderson said, “that my team is going to be more physical and more prepared, and I will be running out of the tunnel with them.”

Does that mean Anderson will be practicing with the team? Motivating his players from the sideline on game day? Putting on pads and a uniform, getting into the end zone and doing the “Dirty Bird” celebration?

2. Return of Johnny Football

If Anderson does return, it will mark the third straight week that a former NFL player has made their season debut in Fan Controlled Football.

Terrell Owens debuted in Week 1, catching a touchdown. Johnny Manziel took the field in Week 2, beginning his second season in the league. With the Zappers’ offense stagnant over their first two series of the game, the former Heisman Trophy winner completed his first two passes and capped the drive with a three-yard touchdown run...

3. Heisman Winner Connects With a Hall of Famer

A 29-year-old former Heisman winner and a 48-year-old Hall of Famer made for an unprecedented tandem in football history. And the two linked up very early, with four of Manziel's five completions in the game going to Terrell Owens.

On Manziel’s second pass of the game, he rolled out and found a wide-open Owens for a 26-yard gain…

It was a touchdown, right? Not exactly…

4. Fans deny Manziel-to-T.O. TD

After the catch, Owens spun toward the end zone and his foot broke the plane of the goal line, making it appear to be a touchdown. Many media outlets tweeted it as such…

But fans had the final say.

In FCF, fans not only have the power to call their team’s offensive plays and make league rules, they also have the authority to vote on replay reviews. The fans weren’t intimidated by star power, ruling that Owens had stepped out of bounds before reaching the end zone.  

5. Best throw in Fan Controlled Football History?

The best pass of the day wasn’t thrown by Johnny Manziel. It wasn’t even thrown by a quarterback.

It was thrown by running back LaDarius Galloway of the Shoulda Been Stars, who was last season’s MVP. On a toss play, Galloway took a sweep for what initially appeared to be a basic run formation. With nowhere to go, he pulled up, left his feet, got upended and threw the ball downfield while being hit in mid-air for a 20-yard touchdown pass to Travalle Calvin that seemed like something out of a video game.

6. Trash Talk

The chirping on the field is loud – and often bleeped out.

It carries over onto social media…

7. Physical Defense Continues

There were some big hits during opening night, and they continued in Week 2.

That was highlighted by a suplex tackle from Jim Jones, linebacker for team 8OKI. He wrapped up the Bored Apes superback Jakobie Baker, who had four touchdowns in Week 1, and made sure that he was not getting anywhere near the end zone on this play…  

8. Touchdown for a former Cowboy (Not T.O.)

Terrell Owens isn’t the only former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver making plays in Fan Controlled Football.

Terrance Williams, who caught 3,377 receiving yards and 20 touchdowns while playing for the Cowboys from 2013 to 2018, found the end zone in Week 2 after catching a 15-yard touchdown from former Florida State quarterback Deondre Francois.

9. Added Incentive

Teams in the FCF are handing out more than just paychecks.

The Knights of Degen offered an NFT to the players on the team that scored the first touchdown and recorded the first interception and sack.

Druski, a comedian who is co-owner of the Shoulda Been Stars, also offered up some extra cash for below-the-belt hits.

10. Heavy is the Crown

Last week, the most coveted piece of on-field bling was the Bored Apes’ turnover chain, a gold chain with a pendant of the Bored Ape logo that is awarded to a defensive player that forces a turnover.

This week, it was the golden crown worn onto the field by the Kingpins…

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