NBCLX Launches an Innovative New LX.com

The site’s mobile-first, interactive story feed was designed with a digitally savvy audience in mind

Meet the new LX.com.

On Tuesday, NBCLX launched a new, mobile-first website that offers access to the brand's full catalogue of documentary-style news stories. 

With a focus on experimentation, LX.com features an immersive, single-page experience for the digitally-savvy viewer. The interactive story feed makes it easy to discover, watch, read, and share great content without ever leaving the stream. It's a fresh and easy way to deliver stories to an audience that is often engaging from their devices while on-the-go.

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With its unique storytelling approach, NBCLX is building a loyal audience of news consumers by taking them beyond the headlines and providing much-needed context and analysis that informs, inspires and entertains.

Its thought-provoking news content focuses on stories about technology, the environment, politics, community and social issues. Those stories have taken viewers to the front-lines of the coronavirus crisis through the eyes of essential workers, brought them to an ocean farm off the coast of California to see innovations for slowing climate change, introduced them to a surfer who is carving a path for women of color, and taught them how changes to their own behavior can make a global difference.  

The new LX.com website features a single-page story feed designed for mobile-friendly exploring and an immersive watch experience.

While NBCLX’s audience is national, its approach to storytelling is local – connecting people to communities and to each other. NBCLX takes big picture issues and explains how they impact each one of us – connecting the dots between your community and the world.

NBCLX stories can be found on the new LX.com plus YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Viewers can also watch the new NBCLX channel over-the-air on broadcast TV. And coming soon, the channel will also be found on cable and major streaming platforms. 

NBCLX is part of the NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations.