How a Master Counterfeiter Went From Prison to the Hollywood Art Scene

Arthur Williams Jr. did something thought to be impossible when he replicated the "counterfeit-proof" $100 bill.

"What could you do in 15 years if you did the right thing?" This is the question that has haunted Arthur Williams Jr. for the past 14 years. Williams is known for doing something thought to be impossible — replicating the "counterfeit-proof" $100 bill.

The $100 bill issued by the U.S. Treasury in 1996 was designed to put a stop to the increasing counterfeit problems that arose in the mid-90s. So, Williams took that as a challenge. He analyzed the innovative note and figured out a way to successfully reproduce more than $10 million in counterfeit bills.

Seven years after being released from prison, Williams is still printing, but now in service of his art. NBCLX storyteller Cody Broadway introduces us to a man who has gone from prison to the art world and explores how his unique skills are attracting the attention of some of Hollywood's biggest stars.