Thanksgrilling Is Here

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Don’t get trapped in the kitchen, set yourself free this holiday with “Thanksgrilling.” Join Johnny Bananas and Chef Jason K. Morse in the backyard for some Turkey Day grilling. Think outside the oven this holiday and go on an adventure in your backyard. Johnny and Chef Morse have tips for cooking your entire Thanksgiving meal on the barbecue. Learn the culinary secrets of a cooking a moist and delicious turkey on the grill. With Ace Hardware, it's grill and chill with family and friends.

Watch for Ace Hardware Thanksgrilling tips every Wednesday in LX News. Johnny and Chef Morse will show you how to get the most flavor out of your bird, how to cook at the perfect temperature, the best side dishes for your holiday feast, and of course, grilling up a delightful dessert.

You can get Thanksgrilling recipes and more tasty tips at acehardware.com/thanksgrilling Learn the grilling secrets to making a candy Sweet Potato Casserole, flavored packed Sage and Sausage Stuffing, Smoked Mashed Potatoes, and the classic dessert, Cherry Crisp with a wood fire finish. Sides and a dessert that you can make on the grill that will please everyone. Plus, Chef Morse teaches grilling turkey techniques for the perfect holiday meal. So get ready for a Thanksgrilling holiday.