MLB All-Stars React to NASA Photos From James Webb Telescope

MLB All-Stars test out their astronomy skills ahead of the much-anticipated game on Tuesday

Some of the greatest MLB players have come together to participate in this year's 2022 All-Star Week. But before they get to the much-anticipated game on Tuesday, the stars have taken a break to test out their astronomy skills.

Texas Rangers shortstop Corey Seager, San Diego Padres infielder Jake Cronenworth and a few other MLB All-Stars were shown some photos from the James Webb Telescope and shared what they thought about the stunning images of space from NASA. 

Some of the players had no idea what they were even looking at. St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Ryan Helsey said it appeared to be some "bright lights," and Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Jordan Romano said one of the images looked like "deep space."

The players were actually looking at a few never-before-seen images of the cosmos that were captured in great detail by NASA's Webb Telescope. The images provided a look back into the history of our universe.

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Jorge Lopez was shown a picture of Stephan's Quintlet, which is a group of five galaxies, and he thought it looked like a portal. 

Helsey also took a look at two pictures of a Nebula that are 2500 light years away and said it looked like some "eyeballs."

It's safe to say these star athletes wont be hanging up their cleats for a job at NASA any time soon.