Fan Controlled Hoops

FCF Set to Launch Fan Controlled Hoops

Fan Controlled Football will launch a basketball league that is set to begin in October

If Fan Controlled Football is similar to a real-life version of the video game Madden, then a basketball version of the league might be considered…NBA Jam?

It soon will become a reality.

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During Saturday night’s People’s Championship game in Fan Controlled Football, the league announced that Fan Controlled Hoops will soon begin its inaugural season.

"Hoops is crossing over into the future," said a commercial for the FCH that ran on the video board at Pullman Yards during the championship game between the Bored Ape FC and Zappers.

Per a league source, the games will be played on an LED court that has the potential to light up with, say, areas where a shot could be worth four or more points.