‘Bachelor' Star Rachel Lindsay On Being the Jerry Jones of Fan Controlled Football

The reality-television star and media personality is co-owner of FCF's Shoulda Been Stars

Rachel Lindsay is the Jerry Jones of Fan Controlled Football.

As owner of the FCF's Shoulda Been Stars, and also a media personality and Dallas Cowboys fan, Lindsay said there are some similarities in ownership styles between her and Jones.

Well, Jones from a previous era, at least.

"If you're asking me, am I Jerry from the early nineties? Sure," Lindsay told Kahlief Adams on "The People's Pregame" podcast. "I am not a micromanager. I am more of a macro. I'm hands off. I like to see things done. I'm involved behind the scenes. I don't need for my face to be out there all the time like Jerry."

Lindsay has become one of the recognizable faces associated with Fan Controlled Football, a 7-on-7 indoor league that allows fans to call their team's offensive plays. Before becoming a correspondent for "Extra" and hosting for ESPN, Lindsay appeared on "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette."

Now, instead of handing out roses, she's handing out paychecks. She's become more interested in eligible receivers than eligible bachelors.

Adams sees similarities between FCF and "The Bachelor" and asked Lindsay how players looking to enter the league could impress her and earn that "draft rose."

"First of all, I never thought of it as being like 'The Bachelor.' That's really good," Lindsay said. "Well, here's the thing. If I'm giving advice like I give to contestants on the show, it's don't try to be somebody that you're not. The best way to stand out is to completely be yourself. Everyone brings something unique to the table."

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"There's a reason that you're there. You've got the skills. You've got the knowledge. You know, just make sure that you bring all of that to the field. And then as owners and as fans, we see that and like that."

One FCF player who turned down a rose from Lindsay was Terrell Owens, a former wide receiver for the Cowboys who initially joined the Zappers.

"T.O. is a friend," Lindsay said. "So, the moment I knew T.O. was a part of the league, I was like, 'Oh, okay, so you join the league, you're not going to be on our team?!' I'm a trash talker, so that'll be me as well when I'm there."

Lindsay, who has an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas in sports management and a law degree from Marquette University, was first introduced to FCF when the league was pursuing female owners. She was among the original owners of the Stars, who won the inaugural championship last season as the Wild Aces.  

"So, we clearly know what it is that we're doing," Lindsay said. "This is why you want to be a part of us. But also, on what I just said about the type of owners that you have, we bring a great mix of different people who have different ideas, who come from different experiences, and we bring all of that to the team."

Her co-owners this season include Druski, a comedian, and Austin Ekeler, running back for the Los Angeles Chargers.

"Austin is so hands on," Lindsay said. "He's so great. He's got such good knowledge. He's got such amazing strategy. And I honestly don't think our team would be where it is without how involved Austin is."

Druski, she adds, "brings the funny, the trash talking, the knowledge."

To Lindsay, even midway through her second season, the idea of being an owner herself still seems surreal. She recalled a day while working at "Extra" when a colleague learned about her other job.

"So, one day someone goes, 'Rachel, are you an owner of a football team?' And I was like, 'Yeah, I kind of am.'" Lindsay said. "And then I started feeling myself a little bit that it's just something I never thought would happen. So, it's just such a cool experience. It doesn't feel real."

Lindsay plans on attending her first game this month, and she might even do her best Jerry Jones impersonation.

"I can do that," she said. "I am from Texas. I could do the accent. Maybe I'll bring my cowboy hat when I get there."

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