Whatever, Bye: 5 Things Meghan and Harry Won't Miss About Royal Life

Judging by their experiences of the past few years, it’s hard to believe it was all that difficult to cut the diamond-encrusted cord

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially said “goodbye” to their royal duties about one year after announcing they would “step back.” And judging by their experiences of the past few years, it’s hard to believe it was all that difficult to cut the diamond-encrusted cord.

We’ve heard the rumors, seen the drama and read their suspiciously flattering biography that painted the couple as blameless victims under the oppressive thumb of the royal family and British tabloids. 

Here are five things we’re sure Harry and Meghan won’t miss about being royals.

1. Fashion protocols

Meghan won’t have to deal with scrutiny by the British media over things as frivolous as her dark nail polish color. According to "Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family," there’s no nail polish protocol, and other members of the royal family have worn dark nail polish, yet for some reason, the British press found Meghan’s nail pigment too heinous to let slide.

And the former-Duchess can finally say goodbye to those hats, dresses and panty hose too.

2.  Having to deal with racism at family events

During Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace in 2017, Princess Michael of Kent, who’s been accused of making racist remarks in the past, wore a Blackamoor brooch, an image known for its use of Black caricature with exaggerated features, to the event attend by the the biracial duchess. 

A racist statement piece is beyond "poor taste.” And though the princess later apologized, it wasn’t a great look for Meghan’s introduction to the extended royal family. 

3. Haters

It’s easy to brush off naysayers with a hair flip and a proclamation that “haters gonna hate,” but it’s a bit harder when those haters are your family. Allegedly, behind the closed palace doors, the royal family wasn’t happy that Harry and Meghan’s fame was overshadowing their own and courtiers attempted to dull their shine

4. British tabloids

Hopefully Meghan and Harry have seen the last of The Mail on Sunday now that Meghan’s won her privacy case against the tabloid. Though the couple will have to deal with the paparazzi in California, British tabloids are far more intrusive. And now that they’re out of Britain, we’re sure going toe-to-toe with TMZ will be a walk in the park.

5. Not being normal parents

It’s usually acceptable in Britain for new dads to take paternity leave, but apparently not if you’re a royal. After the birth of their first child, Archie, Harry chose to go about his responsibilities just as his brother Prince William and his father Prince Charles had done after the birth of their own children.  Though a friend allegedly claims Harry wanted to be a “modern” dad and take paternity leave, that didn’t quite fall in line with royal precedent and their duty to the people. Maybe with baby number two on the way, the pair can take all the time they need to nurture their family.