The Clothing Brand Helping Oaklanders Rep Their City

A lot of apparel from Oaklandish features an oak tree, the namesake of the city of Oakland, California. The brand has gotten attention from prominent people raised in the city, like pro basketball players Damian Liillard and Juan Toscano-Anderson.

Folks from Oakland, California have a lot of pride in their city, but there were few ways to express that outwardly.

So when Angela Tsay started a public art project to show that pride, it took off. Now an apparel brand with multiple storefronts — including one downtown — Oaklandish shirts and hats have been worn by many prominent people from the city, including pro basketball players Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers and the Golden State Warriors' Juan Toscano-Anderson.

Tsay, Oaklandish's CEO, showed NBC Sports Authentic some of her designs, many of them featuring an oak tree design, of course.

She said she wants the brand to help people give back to their community.

"The city's name is part of our company name. So we shouldn't exist unless we are having a positive impact on the community and giving back, and encouraging other people to do that too," says Tsay.

Tsay says Oakland is a city of working people that loves the underdog, and Oaklandish is all about celebrating that.

"There's a natural affinity between the story of sports and sports figures in Oakland, and the story of the city itself."

Check out the video to hear more about Tsay and her story.