America in Isolation: Why Is It So Tough for Us?

Many of us aren’t handling isolation or quarantine very well. Public health experts suggest we may need weeks or months more of social distancing to really bring this pandemic under control, but can we handle that? President Donald Trump continues to push for an end to social distancing and a return to normalcy by Easter, but is that desire actually rooted in the unspoken feelings of millions of Americans? A new poll from Morning Consult suggests the president may, in fact, be tuned in to a slice of the nation. The survey shows a growing number of Gen Z Americans are continuing to socialize in public places, disregarding orders to social distance. NBCLX Storyteller Chase Cain wondered why so many people seem to reject the idea of any long-term isolation. In conversations with several psychologists, Chase realized that some of the things we value the most in America may also be the things making this experience so difficult for us.