Watch NBCLX's Earth Day Special LIVE From Alaska

NBCLX will be LIVE from Alaska this Friday, April 22, at 2pm ET / 1 C. Watch over the air, on cable, streaming and at

Join NBCLX’s Chase Cain reporting live from Alaska this Friday at 2pm ET / 1 C with special encores at 5pm ET /4C and 8pm ET/ 7pm. 

Climate change is getting worse, and what’s happening in Alaska is already rippling across the country. Travel with NBCLX climate storyteller to the Land of the Midnight Sun, where he unlocks its climate secrets, explains how the water we depend on is also putting us at risk, and shares what we can do to turn the tide. 

Flying by helicopter, Chase Cain will explore Alaska’s glaciers and reveal the impact of global warming firsthand. This Earth Day event will also feature in-depth reports on the fight to preserve fresh water, the devastating effects climate change is having on our ecosystem, the great migration already underway in America due to climate change, and the actions people and communities are taking to preserve water, a life-giving resource. 

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