This Doctor Went Viral After Explaining ‘Virginity Is a Social Construct'

Dr. Jennifer Lincoln teaches sexual education and wellness on her TikTok page and got hundreds of thousands of views pointing out flaws in the concept of virginity

It seems that "American Pie," "Superbad," "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and many other movies might be missing the point.

The sexual education conversation online got a lot more interesting recently when an Oregon OB/GYN got hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok by pointing out flaws in the concept of virginity.

Medically and scientifically, virginity is not something that can be defined — it's a myth that stems from a culture focused on female purity, Dr. Jennifer Lincoln says.

Recently, Lincoln rhetorically questioned her followers on the definition of virginity — to show that virginity is "not a really useful term," or something that can be given or taken away.

"What about women who have sex with women? Do we just consider them virgins forever? I mean, I don't think they would agree," Lincoln says in the TikTok.

"It is not any sort of medical definition that you'll find in a textbook," Lincoln told LX News.

"We have this idea of purity culture, and that women are more valuable to us if they are clean and pure," Lincoln added. "And so we tell young people that having sex before marriage is dangerous, and that if you do have sex before marriage, that you are no longer a virgin and that is part of your self-worth."

"It's very much a fear-based and a purity-based obsession that this country has with sexuality, especially female sexuality."

Lincoln uses the platform to bring fact-based sexual education to the masses, including students who might not get that information in school, as there are several states with abstinence-only sex education.