6 Myths About Mail-In Voting Debunked

NBCLX's Chase Cain exposes the truth about six circulating vote-by-mail myths ahead of the 2020 election.

The Myth: Mail-In Voting Will Lead to Fraud and Abuse

You may have seen claims of widespread vote-by-mail fraud tweeted and retweeted by President Trump. However, there is little to no evidence to back them up. In this segment of "The Myth," NBCLX’s Chase Cain took measures into his own hands and uncovered the truth about mail-in ballots and how rare voter fraud actually is.

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The Myth: Mail-In Voting as a Back-Up Plan

Our democracy is not a casual fling; we are in a committed long-term relationship. Experts suggest the best time to decide on a vote-by-mail plan was last year and the next best time is today. Chase Cain explains why voting by mail should not be just a back-up plan, and why states need to be equipped for an increase in absentee voting due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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A backup plan might work for relationships, but when it comes to a presidential election, experts say it’s not a great idea. NBCLX’s Chase Cain explains why voting-by-mail shouldn’t be a back-up plan, and why states need to prepare now for an increase in absentee voting because of COVID-19.

The Myth: Mail-In Voting Gives Democrats an Advantage

Evidence shows how voting by mail does not truly favor either party.
Chase Cain debunks the myth that mail-in voting favors the Democratic party, as evidenced by all the Republican members of Congress who won during all-mail elections. Which party makes up the majority of mail-in-votes in swing states? The answer may surprise you.

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The Myth: Ballot Burglars

The U.S. Attorney General has been warning of ballot burglars. Sounds scary, right? Chase Cain exposes how these claims are myths rather than facts, or, as election officials like to call them, "nonsense." And if there is any uncertainty, it is important to note there is no evidence that paper ballots can be hacked in the first place.

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The Attorney General has been warning of ballot burglars. Sounds scary, right? But as NBCLX Chase Cain uncovered, these election boogie men are more fantasy than fact.

The Myth: Missing Mail-In Ballots

Missing ballots would be frightening. But Chase Cain explains that missing mail-in ballots are not a real issue. Experts propose many voters receive a ballot and then either do not vote or cast it incorrectly. Does this mean the ballot went missing? No.

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The Myth: The U.S. Postal Service Is Supposed to Be Profitable

The United States Postal… Business? President Trump has slammed the U.S. Postal Service for losing money. But rather than a for-profit business, the USPS is an essential service to our democracy, like the military and local fire departments.

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