Terrell Owens And The Must-See Moments From Week 1 of Fan Controlled Football

The 48-year-old Hall of Famer went viral after returning to professional football and catching a touchdown

When players are inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it usually means their days of putting on pads, scoring touchdowns and creating viral moments are over.

Not for Terrell Owens.  

Opening night of the second season of Fan Controlled Football was highlighted by the 48-year-old Owens making his return to professional football and catching a 12-yard touchdown pass against defenders half his age.

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It took a while for the player with the third-most catches in NFL history to secure his first reception in FCF, but it came in the end zone on the game’s final play, creating a viral moment that was tweeted everywhere from SportsCenter to Sports Illustrated:

While Owens' touchdown was the top must-see moment from Week 1 in the league, which allows fans to call the plays, it wasn’t the only.

Here are 10 standout moments from opening night of Fan Controlled Football:

1. The Grand Opening of the Venue

Fans call the plays, but they aren’t allowed to interfere with them … even if they are close enough to the field to do so.

The FCF's new indoor football arena retrofitted at Pullman Yards in Atlanta had its official grand opening Saturday, featuring luxury suites that quite literally put fans on top of the action, and at times within reach of the ball:

2. Andrew Jamiel Opens the Scoring

The most recognizable wide receiver in FCF is Terrell Owens, but the best might be Andrew Jamiel. The 24-year-old wideout for the Glacier Boyz showed that early on by making an acrobatic, diving catch for the first touchdown of the FCF season.  

3. Joseph Boykin’s Walk-Off Touchdown

Jumping from the first touchdown of the day to the last …

With team 8OKI trailing the Kingpins by four with two seconds remaining, Joseph Boykin caught a game-winning 26-yard touchdown from Mitch Kidd as time expired for a walk-off 28-26 win.   

4. Play Overlay

Prior to every snap, fans are empowered to vote for each of their team’s offensive plays on the FCF app or Twitch. This season, FCF added a play overlay graphic to the broadcast, showing viewers the called play that is set to run.  

5. Qwan’tez Stiggers: “I’m Everybody’s Little Brother”

Qwan’tez Stiggers, the youngest player in FCF at 20 years old, said after his debut that he's “everybody’s little brother.” But the defensive back showed no brotherly love to his opponents Saturday.

Stiggers had three interceptions, the last of which he returned 30 yards for the touchdown, to help lead the Beasts to a win over the Glacier Boyz.

6. Fan-Made Rules

Fans not only call the plays in FCF; they help determine the league’s rules. Prior to the season, fans decided what constitutes a catch in FCF, voting that a player need only get one foot in bounds for a catch. That ruling came into play multiple times in Week 1:

7. Jakobie Baker the Touchdown Maker

No player found the end zone more in Week 1 than Jakobie Baker, superback for the Bored Ape Football Club. After rushing for three touchdowns, Baker made a spinning grab and managed to keep a foot in the end zone with eight seconds remaining to give the Bored Apes a 36-32 win over the Knights of Degen.

8. No Kicking Allowed

Kickers are not gainfully employed in Fan Controlled Football. There are no kickoffs, no extra points, no punts of any kind. Instead, wide receivers go one-on-one against defensive backs from the five-yard line for the two-point conversion (or from the 10-yard line for one point). Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrance Williams caught a few on Saturday:

9. Fit Check

Fans help brand their teams in Fan Controlled Football, determining logos, color schemes and jerseys. Players get to pick the name that goes on the back of their jersey. This week’s winner:

With the jerseys featuring some unique color schemes, head coach John Jenkins had to find an outfit to match:

10. Steve Aoki

Rather than representing a city, teams in Fan Controlled Football are built around a wide range of celebrity-based ownership groups. One of those is famed DJ and record producer Steve Aoki, owner of 8OKI. Before his team’s thrilling walk-off victory, Aoki put on a show himself in between games:

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