Forget Doomscrolling! Use Social Media to Get Excited for the Weekend

Or The Weeknd. It's your call.

You just read a headline that bummed you out. Your boss sent you seven emails in a row and you're already nervous for meetings next week. But hey, it's the weekend!

It's important to check in with yourself any day of the week, but on the last workday before time off, you can really put your work behind you and get ready to relax. Maybe that's why we TGIF, and you don't see many of us thanking a higher power that it's Wednesday.

Also, with so many of us working from home, it can be hard to keep track of the days. Reminders help.

And we know not everyone's weekend starts on Friday night. If that's you, remember that Friday is a mindset as much as it's a day.

While simply logging off is one way to mark the weekend, if you're a social media user, there are some other ways to celebrate. Here are a few accounts and a hashtag to help you:


It's a video that's been viewed thousands of times and a great watch every week. Every Friday on the Twitter account @craigweekend you can see it: Daniel Craig on the "Saturday Night Live" set, impeccably cut, stretches out his arms and fills the screen briefly before he quickly drops them.

As he moves Craig says, "Ladies and gentlemen: the weekend." He does not speak with an exclamation point. Daniel Craig is not an exclamation points kind of guy. We just need the fact: the Weeknd, or the weekend, is here.

April Fool's Day was a Thursday this year, and the account cruelly posted the video a day early.

The viral song 'Friday'

When she was just 13 years old, artist Rebecca Black got a lot of hate when she posted her song "Friday" on YouTube in 2011 and Comedy Central show Tosh.0 dunked on it.

Now it's 2021, Tosh.0 didn't get renewed for more seasons, Black released a remix of the song, and more people are searching for her online.

Considering the history here is optional. You could just enjoy the song that reminds you what day it is, and that you've got to get down. Other idea: use the app WOMBO.AI to generate a music video of yourself singing the song.


An employee feeds a cat at the reopened Caturday Cat Cafe, which had been temporarily shuttered due to concerns about the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, in Bangkok on May 8, 2020. (Photo by LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA/AFP via Getty Images)

The internet has had #Caturday since the Lolcat days and it's never gone away. Internetters post pictures of their cats; the cats are cute, and you can like the posts. You get the idea.

Some accounts go above and beyond, actually letting the cats write the posts themselves. Thankfully, cats' vocabularies have come a long way since the mid-2000s, and they're no longer asking if they can haz cheezburger.


Enjoying the Twitter account @YakuzaFriday is certainly easier if you've played the "Yakuza" video game series, but it's not a requirement. It's just a couple of guys being dudes, having a great time.