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Watch LX News Special Mental Health Coverage All This Week

Tune in to LX News every morning at 8am EST/ 7C /  7P  and every night at 8pm EST/ 7C / 7P as we spotlight the mental health crisis in America.

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Do you, or does someone you know, struggle with anxiety, depression or another mental health condition? You’re not alone. One in 5 people experience mental health illness in a given year. 

LX News is devoting a week of special coverage to explaining the issues, overcoming the stigma and learning how to find help and hope.   

You’re Not Alone: Mental Health Week Coverage will include these topics and more: 

Monday, March 29: You’re Not Alone. An in-depth look at the current mental health crisis and actionable steps people can take to improve their mental health.

Tuesday, March 30: Mental Health and The Black Community. Learn how doctors and their patients are breaking down the stigmas associated with mental health care and finding a path to wellness. Plus LX News speaks with Doctor Courtney Tracy about well-being and social media.

Wednesday, March 31: The Covid Effect and Your Mental Health. A special look at the impact of isolation and anxiety on Generation Z and Millennials. Plus learn how you can speak to your boss about mental health.

Thursday, April 1: Let’s Talk About It. It can feel awkward and difficult but starting a conversation can be the first step on a path to wellness. Learn tips on how to talk to a friend or family member about mental health.

Friday, April 2: Exploring the Traumas That Impact Our Lives and Overcoming These Challenges. Military service members share their stories on seeking mental health treatment and LX News explores adoption trauma.

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