Rebound: Businesses Try to Bounce Back From the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tracking six small businesses with nothing in common -- except the struggle to survive the Coronavirus pandemic.

Forced to shutter their doors when COVID-19 hit, small businesses across America were faced with a tough question: "How do we survive?"

As shutdowns and restrictions continue to create hurdles for small business owners all over the country, there’s been no shortage of creativity. From a small local theater in New Hampshire streaming burlesque shows online, to a Brooklyn restaurant bringing back automat dining, to a bookstore in Philadelphia finding a voice through activism, we show you how six small businesses are bouncing back amid the growing coronavirus pandemic.

Episode 1: ‘Is This The Right Thing to Do?’ Small Businesses Across America Find Ways To Thrive Amid Pandemic

A pandemic. A social justice movement. A nationwide call for change. Small businesses in America are operating during unprecedented times - but they aren’t letting COVID-19 stop them. How are they doing it?

Episode 2: ‘Figuring It Out As We Go,' Small Businesses Searching For Ways to Survive

Get to know the owners of Luella's Southern Kitchen in Chicago, L.A. Dogworks in Los Angeles and the Seacoast Repertory Theatre in Portsmouth, N.H., as they tell us about their struggles during COVID-19 and how they have been working hard to stay afloat.

Episode 3: 'Things Have to Change': Small Businesses Face Systemic Racism

Harriett's Bookshop, Brooklyn Chop House and Next Step Training discuss being Black-owned businesses during the pandemic and trying to raise awareness about social justice.

Episode 4: ‘Walking Into the Dark Together': Small Businesses Learning to Pivot

The Seacoast Repertory Theatre struggles financially as they pivot to small in-person and online performances, Luella's Southern Kitchen deals with some changes to the supply chain and L.A. Dogworks discuss the financial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and how they are trying to find ways to stay afloat, keep their staff working and evolve.

Episode 5: 'Learning How to Balance': Small Businesses Attempt to Juggle Budgets, Community Work

As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in certain parts of New York state, Stratis and Robert grow frustrated with the government’s response to reopening indoor dining in New York City. Over in Philadelphia, Jeannine deals with a hateful e-mail from an anonymous bigot. Dwayne and Gabe prepare for a basketball tourney in Weston, Florida.

Episode 6: 'Learning From This Experience': Small Businesses Deal With Uncertain Future

The Seacoast Repertory Theatre pushes for legislation to help the arts, Luella's Southern Kitchen tries to keep their staff employed as budgets tighten and L.A. Dogworks continue to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic by instituting new changes.