Veterans Day

Five Ways to Honor Our Veterans in the Midst of a Pandemic

Lodged firmly between Halloween and Thanksgiving and occurring in the midst of a global pandemic, it could be easy to overlook Veterans Day this year.

Don't let that happen.

Here are 5 ways you can honor veterans today, even in the midst of a pandemic.

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Share Their Stories

If you have a mother, father, uncle, aunt or grandparent who's served, share their story via social media today. Perhaps they served in Vietnam or Iraq. It's possible you even have a grandparent who served in the Korean War or maybe even a great grandparent who served in World War II. Or perhaps you have a friends or relative who's serving right now defending our country. Tell their story.

Write Letters to Vets

Consider writing letters to veterans living at your local veterans’ homes. Many of these residents have had little to no contact with family or friends since early March when the pandemic broke out.

Serve the Community

Find a way to give back today. You can donate to a veterans-related charity. Or most communities have veterans service organizations that focus on providing support to military veterans and families. While their needs may be different in the midst of a pandemic, pick up a phone and give one a call. Ask how you can be of assistance, not just today but beyond.

Hire a Vet

If you're a big or small business owner, consider hiring a veteran. Veterans unemployment rates saw another sizable drop in October, but jobless claims among veterans — and much of the rest of workers in America — still remain significantly above rates from one year ago. On Friday, officials from the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the unemployment estimate for veterans in October was 5.5 percent. According to the Military Times that number represents almost 500,000 veterans nationwide looking for jobs last month. About 8.7 million veterans in America are estimated to be of working age and able to work, just under half of the entire U.S. veterans population.

Feed a Vet

Sounds simple. But a good pasta dish can go a long way. Find a veteran in your family and say thanks via food. If they're far away and you can't deliver it yourself, find a local restaurant and surprise them with a delivery.

But, if you really want to pay tribute to veterans...go beyond the holiday. Their service isn't confined to one day a year...neither should be our thanks.